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Deux chercheurs vont faire une étonnante découverte sur d'anciennes ruines qui vont les mener dans un autre monde. Malheureusement, la communication avec celui-ci sera coupée et ils devront trouver un moyen de retourner chez eux.

Install instructions

1. Télécharger le jeu

2. Extraire les fichiers

3. Jouer


190427 Another World (Linux).zip 119 MB
190427 Another World (Mac OS X).zip 212 MB
190427 Another World (Windows).zip 76 MB


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Loved it, kinda hard, cause I speak English, so i had no idea what was going on, but other than that very cool, wish it was longer

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Indeed, the game is quite short since it was developed during a 72-hours game jam. But I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

I can understand that it is difficult to play a game in a foreign language. Unfortunately, no translation is planned at the moment, because of my English which is not fluent enough.

Anyway, thanks for your comment! :)


it's not a big deal that it's short, I love the game, keep it up, cause it was great